notes and nonsense

Music & more by Gibralter, a Seattle-based guitar player, musician & occasional writer.

Today I'm Okay

I go crazy, from time to time
Say I'm doing fine, I'm real this time
No fear, I'm already here
I get angry, from day to day
Out my face, out of my way
Tempers flare, and I don't care

As you say, today, I'm okay

I get lonely, at day or night
Sick of my voice, my smell and sight
Go to sleep, wake less deep
I'll be broke, til the day I die
I'll be rich, and wonder why
So what, it still sucks

As you say, today, I'm okay

I get sad from year to year
So much pain, sorrow angst and fear
Let's just say, I'll ruin your day
I'm a fool with a heart of gold
I'm a jerk with a gentle soul
Too real, to care how you feel

As you say, today, I'm okay